Service and Set-up Program

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All service and set-up programs can be custom tailored to fit the needs of any manufacturer.  AMS can service retail accounts on either a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly schedule.  We can meet each individual products need, depending on sales volumes and service requirements.

A routine AMS in-store service call consists of:

  • Straightening all counter stock
  • Replacing and filling all P.O.P. material
  • Replacing and correcting defective display units
  • Product replenishing
  • Assisting in credits and damage returns
  • Performing an on-hand product inventory (including back stock)
  • Placing needed stock orders for replenishment

AMS requires Store Visit Approval Forms to be completed.  This includes:


  • AMS merchandisers have a set-up approval sheet signed by a member of store management on all projects.  This confirms that work has been completed to the satisfaction of store management.
  • A photo of the completed job is always taken to verify that the job was properly completed.


  • Signed services approval forms are available for each store visit.
  • Monthly reports are available at month end to summarize the month’s service activity.  These reports are very useful to pinpoint areas of success or areas of concern.
  • Any of the above approval forms can be custom tailored to exactly fit the needs of the manufacturer or retailer.

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